Headquarters & Treating Plant (Yumbel - Chile)

Wood Preserving Facility

"Located at the heart of the Chilean forest region."

At this wood specialized Center, we grade and preserve premium structural heavy timbers for railway, highway, utility and marine application.

Wholesale & Retail Office (Santiago - Chile)

"Large inventories, reliable service and commitment to the customer"

In Santiago we have a B2C store and a warehouse. Stock rotates constantly, renewing our products and having a broad variety of dimensions.

A trained team awaits for any query or requirement of customers, from individuals to large companies.

Sawmills & Yards


Address: Camino Viejo Río Negro, Comuna Río Negro

Field of stockpiling of raw material (bases and logs) prior to its dispatch to Yumbel headquarters.


Address: Camino Liquiñe Km.2 Coñaripe, Panguipulli

Field and Sawmill for sleeper and crosstie production in large dimensions.


Address: Camino Peuco Icalma Km.2 Pozo Lastre, Melipeuco

Field of stockpiling of bases and sleepers prior to its dispatch to Yumbel headquarters.

Throughout a vast hardwood forestry region, we have our logging yards and sawmills building our customer's inventories always on time.